Registration information

Registration for the 2019/2020 school year has begun!

  • In house registration for current students enrolled in our program will begin on Monday January 9th.

  • Registration for siblings and church members will begin Monday January 16th.

  • Registration will be open to the general public for all remaining spots from Wednesday January 23rd.

How to register

To register for our preschool, your child must turn 2 by August 31st for the two year old program, or 3 by August 31st for the three year old program and 4 by August 31st for the four year old program.  We also have aTK program for students who wish to consolidate for a year before entering grade school; students must be 5 by August 31st to qualify for this program. 

If your child is not currently enrolled in our program, you can come for a tour to learn what our program is about and to visit the facility by calling 704-544-9831 and speaking to either Mary Lynn Rawls or the Director, Carol Watkins. If you are interested in our program following the tour, you can fill out paperwork and we will put you on our waitlist until open registration begins on Wednesday January 23rd.  On this date, all open spots will be filled in the order they were received.